Campaign Creation Options

Now that your campaign has been created, you will need to decide how you want to go about creating the email content.

You are presented with four options to choose from.

Email creation options

They are explained as follows:

From scratch – This method will provide you with a  blank HTML window and a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor  which will allow you the most flexibility when creating your email, but  will require a bit of HTML coding knowledge in order to produce a decent  result.

Template Gallery – This method will provide you with  a list of predefined templates in a gallery that you can choose from.  This method will restrict which parts of the HTML you can modify but  will protect the majority of the template and is recommended for those  without basic HTML knowledge or if you do not already have you own HTML  template you have created.

Previous Campaign – This method will allow you to  copy the content and settings from an already created campaign. This is  useful for when you need to send out a campaign again, or if you would  like to use a template with your changes as you had them, without having  to start from the beginning of the template.

Fetch URL – This method will require that you  provide a URL that contains the HTML template you will be sending. It  requires that you have an already made template hosted on your own  accessible URL, complete and ready to go.