Adding Subscribers

To add subscribers to a list, first navigate to the list you would like to the subscribers to by clicking on the [Lists] navigation menu option.

Go to lists

You will be taken to a list of all the lists in your account.

Your account's lists

Now just click on the name of the list you want to add the subscribers to. 

The List Overview

You are now brought to the overview page for that list.

Next click the [Add subscribers] button


You will now see 4 options by which you can add subscribers. They are:

Copy and paste – Adding subscribers by typing them in or pasting them in from another source.
Subscriber Form – Adding a single subscriber as they would on a web form.
File Upload – Adding subscribers from a .CSV or .XLSX file.
External mysql database – Fetching subscriber data from your mysql database.

Subscriber Add Type

Below are examples of data with exception of the mysql database. (If you would like assistance with this, please contact one of our support agents.)

Copy and Paste

Copy & Paste Method

From a CSV file

File Upload MethodIn this stage you will need to click on the “Choose File” button and point to the CSV or XLSX file on your local hard drive. In order to determine the termination of fields, open the CSV in a text editor to view a text view of the data.

**Note that MS Excel 2013 sets the field termination to semicolon by default when saving a CSV file.

Inside the CSV fileThe data as it would appear in the CSV in MS Excel
From a Subscriber form

Subscriber Form Method

Once you are done adding the source/data of your susbcribers, click the “NEXT” button to proceed.

Next Button

You are now brought to the field mapping stage for that list.

Field Mapping Stage

Here you will need to map the fields of data for the subscribers you imported.
You will only need to map the first subscriber in your list as a reference and the system will use that to determine where the data needs to go.

Start by mapping the fields to their corresponding custom fields as illustrated below.

Mapped Fields

Next we have a couple settings we need to look at. We will start with the “Import settings”

Import Settings

Their functions are as follows.

Don’t add to suppression list – This simply means that you intend to add the subscribers to this list and don’t wish to suppress them. (This is the default setting and should be selected when you intend to add subscribers to your list)

Add to global suppression list – This setting will add your subscribers to the “Global Suppression List”. If this is selected, the subscribers added in this import will be suppressed globally across your account and will not receive any emails from you regardless of their subscription status or list they are subscribed to.
They will remain on the “GSL” until they are expressly removed from it.

Add to list’s suppression list – This setting will add your subscribers to this list’s Suppression List. If this is selected, the subscribers added in this import will be suppressed on this list and will not receive any emails from you as long as this list is the sole selected list they are subscribed to.

The next 2 settings are explained as follows:

Final List Settings

Update subscriber information of duplicates with import data

With this enabled, any email address already in this list (duplicates) will have its custom field data replaced by the current import.

If this is not enabled, then any existing email addresses (duplicates) will be ignored and not updated.

Trigger auto responders, subscription behaviours, web services and update statistics

This should be selected if you have anything set up in your list to be activated on subscription.
This usually triggers automatically when the subscriber is added from a web form but is optional when manually importing them.

Once your settings have been selected. Simply click the “Next” button

Next Button

You will now see a summary on the results of your import.

Import Results