An auto-responder is a trigger email that is usually sent in response  to an action taken on your account or by your subscribers. It can also  be triggered by date information sourced from a “date type” custom field  (e.g Birthdays).

To create an auto-responder, first navigate to the list you would  like to create the auto-responder for by clicking on the [Lists]  navigation menu option.

Go to lists

You will be taken to a list of all the lists in your account.

Your account's lists

Now just click on the name of the list you want to create the auto-responder for.

The List Overview

You are now brought to the overview page for that list.

Next click the “Auto Responders” option under the [LIST OPTIONS] menu.

The list options menu

Next just click the [Create New Auto Responder] button to create a new Auto Responder.

 Create Auto Responder

You are now taken to the settings page for your auto-responder.

The first thing you need to do is give it a name.

Auto Responder name

The next option is to select the “trigger” that will cause the auto responder to be sent out.

Auto Responder Trigger

Your options are as follows:

Subscription – This will send the auto-responder to any email address that subscribes to this list after it has been created and saved.

Link Click – This will send the auto-responder to  any subscriber that clicks on the given URL you specify, in any of the  campaigns sent to this list.

Campaign Open – This will send the auto-responder to any subscriber on this list that opens the campaign that you specify.

** Note that the campaign must have been previously created to be selected and a draft Is best selected for the best results 

Forward to a Friend
– This will send the auto-responder to any subscriber on this list who forwards a campaign that was sent to them.

Date Information – This will send the auto-responder on the date value contained within a  subscriber’s “date” type custom field. E.g. Birthday, Subscription  Date, Booking date etc.

The next setting is the time frame in which the auto-responder should be sent in.

 Send Time

This option will determine how long after the trigger is activated, that the auto-responder is sent.

Once you have set the initial settings just click the [Create Auto Responder and Edit Email] button to continue.

Create Auto Responder

For the creation of emails. Please reference the “Campaign creation options” section of this document.

Once you have completed the creation of the email, your auto-responder will be saved in the list.

Completed Auto Responder