Before You Get Started

A big challenge that anyone who is new to email marketing faces, is  creating content that looks good. With the wide range of HTML editors  and publishing software, this may not seem like a big problem. 

The  problem is that most of these tools will create an email that doesn’t  display consistently across the large range of email clients being used  by your subscribers. Total Send’s WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)  editor is no different. 

We suggest that before creating your first  campaign, that you should prepare yourself and your workstation. Making  sure the following is set up will allow you to be prepared to check the  consistency of your emails

  • Set up a few test email accounts. Open accounts at Gmail, Hotmail,  Yahoo, and AOL. This will allow you to see how your email is received by  these popular clients.

  • Don’t be reluctant to learn a little HTML/CSS. You do not need to  be a web developer, but knowing how to quickly correct fonts and margins  using inline CSS can save you a lot of time. Knowing a small amount of  HTML/CSS will empower you greatly in terms of creating emails.

  • Install multiple internet browsers. Windows ships with Internet  Explorer and Macs will have the Safari browser. Take the time to  download and install Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If your email is  displaying the same way across these multiple web browsers, then your  design is being coded universally. Keep in mind however that some  problems may be specific to that email client and in this case you  should do a little research on the cause.

  • Finally, use Total Send’s “Design Test” in the review stage of your  campaign. This will allow you to see how your email is displaying in  the most popular email clients.