Campaign Pending Approval

Why is my Campaign Pending approval?

All new Total Send accounts will find that their first campaign is held  with the status “pending approval” before it can be delivered. The  reason for this is that our compliance team needs to review the content  of your mailer and of your imported list to make sure they both comply  with our "Anti-Spam Policy" before it is sent out. This compliance  measure has been put in place as a due diligence to protect ourselves  and our other clients from the damage caused by spammers.

Will this happen with all my campaigns?

Typically this process will only happen to new accounts on the first  send, however there are cases where an account will require that the  process be repeated. One such case would be when an account imports  email addresses which are flagged as poor quality. Importing email  addresses that have been harvested from the internet for example would  guarantee your future campaigns requiring review by our compliance team.  Others causes are larger than normal list imports, high complaints  rates, high bounces rates, or any other suspicious or spammy behaviour.

How long will it take to approve my campaign?

We work hard to ensure that campaigns are reviewed as quickly as  possible, generally within a couple of hours, however in some cases the  process may take longer. No campaign will ever take longer than 12 hours  to be approved.