Campaign Reports

Once you have sent your email to your subscribers, your campaign’s  overview page will begin to collect data from the activity of your  subscribers.

Empty campaign stats

The image above shows a campaign without any statistics yet collected as the email has not yet been sent.

The image below is what an campaign’s statistics page looks like when the email has been sent and the stats have been collected.

Complete send statistics

Statistic Breakdown:

Opens – These are all the subscribers who have  opened your email. The opened statistic is collected by tracking an  image in your email. Once the image is called by the subscriber’s email  client, the open is tracked. For this reason, opens can be inaccurate,  as a subscriber may have opened your email, but if their email client  was not set to display images by default, then the open would not be  tracked until the subscriber displayed all images in the email.

Clicks – These are all the links your subscribers  have clicked along with the number of time they clinked those links.  These are much more accurate than the opens but can still be slightly  off due to an email client that follows the link before the user can in  order to check if it is safe to open first.

Forwards – This number represents the users who have  forwarded the email using the Forward to a friend link generated by  TotalSend. This will not include emails forwarded through the email  client’s native forwarding function.

Viewed in Browser – These are the subscribers who  clicked on the view in browser link and are a good indication of certain  subscribers having issues with your HTML and the way it displays in  their email client.

Unsubscriptions – This is all the subscribers who unsubscribed from your list using the unsubscription link provided in your email.

Bounces – These are any subscribers who were sent  the email, but it bounced back to our server either temporarily (soft)  or permanently (hard).

Using the menus on the left of the page, you can view each section of  the statistics in more detail and export a report for each in using the  “Report Options” menu

Campaign Options

Additionally you can edit the campaign or delete it using the “Campaign options” menu at the bottom.