Create a signup form for your site

This is how you can create a signup form for your site. Subscription forms are HTML based forms that you can generate in your  TotalSend account and upload to a page on your website. The function of the form is to allow visitors of that web-page to use  the form to sign up to one of the lists on your TotalSend account. 

To create a subscription form, follow these simple steps: 

While logged into your TotalSend account. Navigate to your lists by clicking on the [LISTS] menu button at the top of the page.


Now you should see all the lists in your account.


Click on the name of the list that you would like to create the subscription form for.


You will now be taken to that list’s overview page.


Click on the “Create HTML Form” button near the top right hand side of the screen.


You are now taken to the HTML form creation page.


Click on the “Options” tab to change the settings of the form. 


These settings include adding one or more additional lists to the  subscription form which will mean that when a subscriber subscribes,  they are added to several lists instead of just one. 


The other setting is which custom fields you would like to apply to the  form as fields for your subscribers to fill in. (e.g. Name, Age, Gender  etc.) 


Once you are done changing the settings, click on the “Apply Settings” button, and then the “Layout & Preview” tab.


This will take you back to the preview of your form where you can change  the content/wording by clicking on a particular element and changing  it, or clicking and dragging various fields around to re-arrange them. 


Click on an element 


Change the value and click OK


 The value is changed. If you are happy with the way the form looks, you can proceed to click  on the “HTML Code” tab where you will find the HTML code for your form.


All you need to do now is simply copy the code from the HTML window and paste it into the code on your web-page. 


Copy the code in this window. and paste it into your web page where you want it to appear.