Creating a Campaign

Now that you have your lists set up, you can begin to create and send marketing emails to your subscribers.
 All the emails you send are contained in “Campaigns” where all the  statistics and settings for the email being sent are collected and  stored.

To create a campaign simply click on the [Campaigns] menu option in  the navigation menu at the top of the page, then click on the [Create  New Campaign] option.

Create a new campaign

You will now be taken to a page where you will need to fill out basic settings for your new Campaign.

The first option is to give the campaign a name.

Campaign name

It is important to choose a name that will allow you to immediately  and easily identify this campaign from other campaigns and a good naming  convention will help you to distinguish this campaign from the others  when your are creating a campaign from one you have previously sent.

The next option is to select the list(s) that you will be sending the email to.

Select-able LlstsEvery  list in your account will have an “All subscribers in this list”  segment followed by any other segments you may have created.

You can then select whether this campaign should be an A/B split test or not.

A/B Split testing

An A/B Split test is a campaign which will send two or more emails to  a portion of the selected lists, which will compete against each other  to determine which email will receive the highest open/click rate in a  given time.
The winning email will then go on to be sent to the remainder of the list.

Next, you can select whether you would like to enable the Google Analytics Integration for this campaign.

Google Analytics integration

This should only be selected if you have a Google Analytics account,  and that account is tracking the domain for a link you will be using in  this email.

If this option is selected, the domain used must be formatted without the http:// prefix. (e.g.

Now that your settings have been set, click in the [Create Campaign] button to continue to the creation of the email.

Create campaign button