Creating a List

Creating a list is usually the first thing that should be done in an account and it is required to have at least one list in order to create an email campaign.

To create a list, simply click on the [Lists] menu option in the navigation menu at the top of the page, then click on the [Create New List] option.

How to create a list

You will now be taken to a page where you will need to fill out basic settings for your new list.

The first setting you will need to set is the name of your new list.
The name of your list

This does not need to be unique, but it is recommended that you use a naming convention that will allow you to understand what contacts you have stored in that list. For demonstration purposes I have named this list “TotalSend List”

List name filled in

Once you have given the list a name, you will need to set the type of subscription that your subscribers will use to be added to the list.

Subscription TypeThe options are as follows:

“No confirmation required” – This option should be selected if you are certain that your list has already proved their opt-in status and you would like to import them to the system without sending a confirmation email, because you will manage the opt-in status yourself.

“Email confirmation required (Double opt-in)” - This option should be selected if you are unsure of the opt-in status of your list or you are aware that your list is non-opt-in and you would like to send a confirmation email to all subscribers that are added to the list to ensure that they explicitly agree to receive email mailing from you.

The last option you will have is to check the “Hidden list” option.

Hidden list option
This controls whether your subscribers will be able to see that they are subscribed to this list in the subscriber area which they use to manage their subscription preferences.

**Note that this is only relevant if you intend to provide your subscribers with access to the subscriber area.

Once you have completed these settings and you are ready to create the list, simply click the [Create List] button to proceed.

Create List button

You are now taken to the next step in which you will add subscribers.

For this demonstration, we will assume that this account has not created any custom fields and that it will be using more information than just the email address for each subscriber.

So in this case, we will not add subscribers just yet, but instead we will create our custom fields first, and come back to adding subscribers to the list later on.