Creating auto responders

Total Send has the capability to send "Auto Responder" email campaigns to automate your email marketing efforts. Auto Responder campaigns are campaigns that get sent automatically based on a trigger event chosen by you. Auto Responders can be triggered by any one of the following events:

  • Subscription Trigger - When a new user subscribers to one of your lists
  • Link Click Trigger - When a specific link is clicked in any one of your campaigns
  • Open Trigger - When a recipient opens an email from a specific campaign
  • Forward to a friend Trigger - When a recipient forwards the campaign to a friend.
  • Subscription Date Trigger - Send a specific email either monthly or annually after a new subscription occurs.

Your auto responder email can then be setup to automatically get  sent at any chosen time period after the trigger event.  For example,  you may want to send a follow up email 3 days after a recipient clicks a  link in your email campaign. Auto responders will handle this process  100% automatically.

To setup an Auto Responder:

  1. Click on the Lists tab
  2. Click on the List you want to create the auto responder for
  3. Click on "Auto Responders" under List Options on the left hand menu.
  4. Click "Create new auto responder" in the auto responder list box
  5. Give your auto responder a name
  6. Select your trigger event
  7. Choose when your auto responder should be sent
  8. Click Next to complete the auto responder email creation.

Once completed and saved your auto responder email will be automatically sent according to your chosen settings.