Creates a new custom field for given subscriber list.

Request Parameters

SessionID = {string} (required)
Session ID which is needed to authenticate the access. It's optional and required for desktop applications only
Command = {CustomField.Create} (required)
API Command
ResponseFormat = {JSON | XML} (required)
Response format
JSONPCallBack = {bool}
Send this parameter for cross-domain. More info about JSONP can be found here: http: //
SubscriberListID = {integer} (required)
ID of subscriber list
PresetName = {Gender | Age | Employment | Income | Education | Days of the week | Months of the year | U.S. states | Continents | Satisfaction | Importance | Agreement | Comparison}
You can create a new custom field by selecting a preset. This way all options of the preset will be created by backend.
FieldName = {string} (required)
Name of new custom field
FieldType = {Single line | Paragraph text | Multiple choice | Drop down | Checkboxes | Hidden field} (required)
Type of new custom field
FieldDefaultValue = {string} (required)
Default value of new custom field
OptionLabel[n] = {string} (required)
Label of nth option
OptionValue[n] = {string} (required)
Value of nth option
OptionSelected = {array} (required)
Array of selected option ids (Option ids are n)
ValidationMethod = {Disabled | Numbers | Letters | Numbers and letters | Email address | URL | Date | Time | Custom} (required)
Validation method of custom field
ValidationRule = {string} (required)
Validation rule of custom field
Visibility = {Public | User Only}
Whether to show custom field in subscriber area or not
IsRequired = {Yes | No}
Whether to make the custom field mandatory to fill in or not
IsUnique = {Yes | No}
Whether to force custom field entry to be unique or not
IsGlobal = {Yes | No}
If this parameter is set to 'Yes', custom field will be valid for all lists in the user account

Response Parameters

Success = {true | false}
States if there is an error or not
ErrorCode = {integer}
If there is an error, error's code
CustomFieldID = {integer}
ID of new custom field

Error Codes

Subscriber list id is missing
Field name is missing
Field type is missing
Validation rule is missing
Invalid custom field preset name
Authentication failure or session expired
Not enough privileges