Email campaign throttling

To find out how email campaign throttling works, we need to look at how the  sending infrastructure works for an account at TotalSend. Any user of  TotalSend’s service will have an IP address that is associated with  their account and it is from this IP address that the email campaigns  they create will be sent out. 

Most ISPs will view a new IP address as  suspiciously as a blacklisted one and will go with a “untrustworthy  until proven innocent” approach, which is understandable as they have no  way of knowing if safe email or spam will be sent through that IP until  it has begun sending. Because of this, it is not in the best interests  of the sender on a new IP to send large quantities of email from the  word go as this looks like the behaviour of a spammer who is attempting  to get out as much email as possible on a new IP address because they  damaged their last one with blacklists.

What can be done to gain the ISP’s trust?

The  answer is simple. In order to gain the trust of an ISP when sending  from a new IP address, a sender needs to limit the amount of emails they  send initially to show that they intend to send large quantities of  email but are not doing so just to send spam. For this reason, TotalSend  “throttles” a new account’s campaigns by limiting the number of emails  that get delivered over a period of time. Once the IP address is “warmed  up” and the ISPs are comfortable with the quantity and quality of  emails being sent to their server, TotalSend can remove the throttle on a  new IP and it can begin sending to entire lists without delay.

Can I control my account’s throttling?

You  can monitor the amount of emails currently sent in your campaign from  its overview page, as well as how many still need to be sent. TotalSend  manages the throttling of IPs automatically and does not require you to  set anything up or manage it at all. However if your account is  throttled and you feel it necessary to increase the number of emails  going out, you can log a support ticket with your request and our  deliverability team will review your current IP reputation and advise  you on your options.