Email content checker tools

As we're always looking for ways to better your email content, we've  come across some really cool external sources for checking your email’s  content. Whether it's to determine the spam score, the text to image  ratio,  or anything that might cause your email to land in the junk  folder.  By improving your email content you will subsequently improve  the deliverability of your email. Some email content checker tools are: 

  1. Premailer (A free  “Pre-flight for HTML email” - A super easy tool allowing you to create a  text version of your HTML file, as well as fix any HTML issues you may  have)
  2. Mail Tester (Test the “spammyness” of your emails - for free)
  3. Email subject line tester (Free tool flagging any word found in your subject line that could cause your mail to land in the junk folder)
  4. Subject Line Checker (A free tool by Litmus providing a visual of what your email’s subject line looks like in the inbox)
  5. Lyris Content Checker (Easy to use spam score tool to determine the spam score of your emails.)
  6. (A free tool that rates your subject line score out of 100 and points out things to improve on)
  7. Mailing Check (Free email spam check software using SpamAssassin checks)

If you’re looking for some practical guidelines on creating the HTML of your email, check out this article here on HTML email design tips and best practice. TotalSend provides a built-in content checker tool where you can run a  complete Design Test - providing a real-time visual of what your email  template will look like on major email clients and mobile devices. To test your HTML email content, sign up for a free email account here.