Export email campaign reports

While using TotalSend’s software to send emails to your subscriber base,  you may wish to export email campaign reports to an easy to read CSV  file or an XML file for web use. To export a report on any part of your account you will first need to  determine what information you want to export. All campaign exports are executed from the campaign details page which  can be accessed by clicking the campaign’s name. A report must be chosen from the “Reports” menu 


Then one option must be chosen between exporting to a CSV file or an XML file from the “Report Options” menu. 


Overview – This export is a general collection of data on the campaign which only provides quantities of the below categories. 

Opens – This export provides detailed information about the opens that were tracked for the campaign. 

Clicks – This export provides detailed information  about the links that were clicked in the campaign and which subscribers  clicked them. 

Forwards – This export provides detailed information  about which subscribers forwarded the campaign using the forwarding  function in the TotalSend footer appended to each email. 

Browser Views – This export provides detailed information about which subscribers used the “View in Browser” link. 

Unsubscriptions – This export provides information  about subscribers who unsubscribed from their list in this campaign and  the date that they unsubscribed. 

Bounce Statistics – This export provides information on  subscribers who’s email addresses bounced during the sending of the  campaign and the type of bounce whether hard or soft.