Exporting Subscribers

There are two ways to export subscribers from your lists. They are as follows:

From the “Browse Subscribers area – This can be done while browsing a group of subscribers using rules to filter them.

 Browse subscribers export

Simply click the [Export Results] button and a .CSV file will be downloaded with all the fields available for each subscriber.


Within a List – This can be done by navigating to  the list you would like to export the subscribers from and clicking the  “Subscriber Actions” >> “Export Subscribers” option.

Export from list

You are now taken to the Export Subscribers page where you can select  which subscribers and custom fields you would like to export.

The first option you can select is which subscribers in this list to export.

Subscriber export setting

They are explained as follows:

Active subscribers – These are all of the currently subscribed, non-hard bounced subscribers in the list.

Suppressed subscribers – These are all the subscribers that are either globally or locally suppressed on this list.

Unsubscribed subscribers – These are all the subscribers who have either unsubscribed themselves or have been marked as unsubscribed manually.

Segments – This is a list of any segments you may have created for this list.

Bounce Type – These are either all the hard or soft bounced email addresses in this list.


Next you will select what type of file you would like to export the subscribers to. The most commonly used file is CSV.

Export file type

You can then selectively choose which custom fields you would like to export with the subscribers.

Choose custom fields

Once your settings have been chosen, you can click the [Export  Subscribers] button and a file with the selected subscribers will be  downloaded to your computer.

Export button