Images not displaying when using “Fetch from URL”

When creating a campaign using the "Fetch from URL" feature, you may  find that the images do not get displayed in the resultant email. The  most common reason for this is the way the images were linked in the  HTML of the page that the content was fetched from. 

When using the "Fetch from URL" feature, images in the original  HTML page must be linked using Absolute Path's, as opposed to Relative  Paths. 

An absolute path is the full URL to a file. If you linking to an image  in your HTML, the absolute path might look like this: A relative path points to the location of the file you want to link to  in relation to the page being viewed, all within your own server space.  

If the image you're linking to is often in the same directory as the  page being viewed, then the relative path is simply the file name.

Using  the relative path for the same page usually looks like this: .../images/gallery/imagefile 

The problem with images that use relative paths is that the "Fetch from  URL" feature imports the HTML as is, and does not update the image  paths. This causes the relative path to break, resulting in the images  not being displayed. 

Therefore when using the fetch from URL feature, it is important to make  sure your images are linked using the full absolute path before  importing the code.