TotalSend is a self-service email marketing and SMS platform. It provides you with the ability to send large amounts of emails and SMSes to contacts that you have acquired for the purposes of mailing.

This is a practical guide to using the TotalSend platform. This guide will explain how to perform basic tasks, while explaining the various settings and reports available for each section in your account.

Getting Help

If there is a problem that you are having in your account that is not covered in this guide. You can open a support ticket in your account by navigating to [Help]>>[Open Support Ticket] and proceed to fill out the form and submit your query to our support department.

Support ticket

Where to find support

Using this Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to using the TotalSend platform. In order to make use of it effectively, Start at the index list on the left of the page and click on the relevant section of the platform you would like to learn about.

Alternately, if you are new to email marketing, you can read this guide from start to finish in order to get a complete look into how the system works and the steps you should take to get started.