List Management

Q: Do we have to provide the email addresses or do you do that? 

A: You have to have your own database of email subscribers. We don't sell or provide database lists with email addresses at all. 

Q: We need to be able to send out notifications to  merchants keeping them informed of situations with applications they are  making use of. So in other words, different distribution lists with  different emails. Can Total Send do this? 

A: Absolutely, yes we can. 

Q:  I am uploading our subscribers (100,000). It has  been loading for about an hour. I have copied and pasted them. Is it  normal that it takes so long? 

A: For uploading such an amount of subscribers it is  quite normal that it can take a while. Please be patient, it will  finish. Alternatively, you could split the list up, and upload 25,000  subscribers at a time. 

Q:  Would there be a way to keep the list synced with  our own user database? For example, I'd like 'to keep email addresses  and opt-in status in our database if possible. 

A: No there is no way to automatically sync the status  of the subscribers from our system to your system... it can however be  done the other way. We can pull data from your system. 

Q:  Can two lists in Total Send suppress each other?  For example, I want to send a product to all members, but want to skip  those who purchased this product, so should I send to all members of the  list, and suppress a segment (those who purchased this product) of the  member purchased list? Or please provide alternatives. 

A: Yes using a segment would be an ideal way to achieve  what you are trying to do. However, when setting it up, instead of  doing what you described, you would rather create a segment of “members  who did NOT purchase yet”, and send to that segment only. 

Q:  When I import my list, do I have to make all of my subscribers opt-in again, or can I just start sending? 

A: No, at Total Send we do not force you to make your  subscribers opt-in again. Once you have signed up you can create and  import a list, and start sending immediately. 

Q: Can you provide some information on how targetable the emails would be etc.? 

A: We are not list brokers, so the emails would only be  as targetable as you would make them using your own data. You can use  segmentation features to target specific recipients within your own  data.