Receiving SMS

Receiving inbound (MO) messages is easy with TotalSend SMS. Messages will always go into your TotalSend SMS Account Inbox. However, if you would like the messages sent directly to your server as we receive them, then it’s a piece of cake to setup.

Note: This is only applicable to HTTP, as if you are using SMPP the messages will be sent directly to your SMPP binds.

  1. Login to your TotalSend SMS Account and go to Inbox > Forwarding
  2. Leave the number as Default (unless you want to choose a specific  inbound number to only have those messages forwarded) and click Edit.
  3. Paste in the URL to the file that will handle the requests that we send you and click Save.




When a message comes into your account. We’ll push it to that URL via HTTP GET with the following variables.

  • to – The number that the inbound message was sent to.
  • from – The number that the inbound message was sent from.
  • message - The message content.
  • charset – The character set of the message (default is UTF-8, but 8-BIT and UTF-16BE Unicode are supported too)
  • code – If the number the messages was sent to has a group code, it will be set here.

So for example, if someone sent a message to your number, 40000, and  their number was +271113435662, their message was “Hello there!”, our  server would make a request which looks like this to your server: