Retrieves segments of a subscriber list.

Request Parameters

SessionID = {string} (required)
Session ID which is needed to authenticate the access. It's optional and required for desktop applications only
Command = {Segment.Get} (required)
API Command
ResponseFormat = {JSON | XML} (required)
Response format
JSONPCallBack = {bool}
Send this parameter for cross-domain. More info about JSONP can be found here: http: //
OrderField = {string} (required)
Field name to order rows
OrderType = {ASC | DESC} (required)
Ascending or descending sorting
SubscriberListID = {integer} (required)
Subscriber list ID to return segments

Response Parameters

Success = {true | false}
States if there is an error or not
ErrorCode = {integer}
If there is an error, error's code
ErrorText = {text}
The text that may describe the error
TotalSegments = {integer}
Number of segments returned
Segments = {array}
Returned segment rows

Error Codes

Missing subscriber list id

Authentication failure or session expired
Not enough privileges