A segment is essentially a portion of your list that you define using “rules” as criteria that is usually used to target specific subscribers in your list.

To create a segment, first navigate to the list you would like to create the segment for by clicking on the [Lists] navigation menu option.

Go to lists

You will be taken to a list of all the lists in your account.

Your account's lists

Now just click on the name of the list you want to create the segment for.

The List Overview

You are now brought to the overview page for that list.

Next click the “Segments” option under the [LIST OPTIONS] menu.

The list options menu

Next just click the [Create segment] button to create a new segment.

 Create segment button

You will need to give the segment a name and select whether the segment should check that all your criteria (rules) is met, or if any rule being true is enough for a subscriber to be added to the segment.

 Segment settings

You may then proceed to add rules to your segment in order to define which subscribers you would like added to the segment.

 Segment rules

Once your rules are defined, you can then click the [Create Segment] button to finalise your choices and save the segment.

 Create Segment button

You will now see that your segment appears in the segments window and can be edited by clicking on the name of the segment.

If you would like to view the subscribers that have been added to the segment, simply click the (Browse subscribers) link and you will be taken to a list of those subscribers.

Newly created segment

**Note that segments update real-time and if you are not seeing a subscriber in your segment then they are not meeting all the given criteria.