Q:  What do you mean by bulk email? 

A: Our system allows you to send large volumes of  emails in the form of newsletters or whatever else you may want to send.  To give you an example, you can send out a marketing campaign in a form  of an email newsletter to 10,000 of your own email subscribers at one  time, and then watch all the open and click statistics live. 

Q:  We have been looking for a service/tool to manage a  newsletter. We've got a database of a couple hundred thousand addresses, but most  are probably no longer valid at this point.  We'll also need to give  them a chance to re-opt in.  How would it work in Total Send to do a  mass blast to clean the list and funnel them into a new  opt-in/subscription management page? 

A: You would have to sign up for an account which is  the size of however many subscribers you have, then you would send an  opt-in re-confirmation. After all the responses are in, you can downgrade to whatever size plan  based on the number of subscribers you are left with. You would however  need to inform our sales department if you do this. 

Q: I would like to know if you have a service where I can use my own SMTP settings 

A: No we don't. That would be a "Transactional Email Service" 

Q: Our Company uses a network monitoring platform to  send out transactional emails to our customers on a daily basis. We send  about 1,000 emails a day and receive around 250. Is Total Send an  option for us and if so, what is the cost?

A: I'm afraid not. We are an email newsletter platform, not a transactional service provider unfortunately.