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simple API guides

This contains a summarised version of the SMS API reference documentation

complete API reference

This is the full HTTP API reference for SMS with TotalSend

API Classes

TotalSend SMS API classes


Connect using SMPP
Our SMPP Server is compliant with version 3.4 of the SMPP specification which is described in the SMPP Specification . We recommend using Kannel for this purpose as it is open source and free for use. Please see the below settings to connect via ...
Getting started with USSD
Introduction TotalSend offers a USSD gateway  service that is simple, while also being extremely flexible for users  with the necessary skills to create advanced applications. USSD Strings A  string is what the user enters on their...
Sending integrated payment links via SMS
Sending integrated payment links can be done via the HTTP API by way of one-at-a-time injection. This means you can use your existing connection to our API to generate payment links easily and efficiently and send it off to a customer in one shot. ...