The global suppression list

What is the Global Suppression List (GSL)?

The Global Suppression List (GSL) is a list in your account that contains email addresses that will be excluded from receiving any emails regardless of whether they are subscribed to any of your lists.

How do email addresses get on the GSL?

Email addresses can get onto the GSL in one of the following ways:

  • Hard Bounces - any email address that hard bounces  as a result of one of your campaigns will be automatically added to the  GSL so you do not attempt to email them again.
  • Spam Complaints - any email address that logs a complaint will be entered onto your GSL so you do not email them again.
  • Unsubscribes - you can manually set your list to  add any unsubscriptions to the GSL in order to prevent yourself from  accidentally reimporting them and mailing them again. By default this is  turned off.
  • Manually added to the GSL - you can manually import email addresses onto the GSL in order to prevent yourself from ever accidentally emailing them again.

Can I remove a subscriber from the GSL?

  • Hard Bounces - No, these email addresses are not valid and should  never be sent to again. Sending to hard bounce email addresses  negatively affects your deliverability and should be avoided.
  • Spam Complaints - No, These are people who have reported your emails as SPAM and should not be emailed again.
  • Unsubscribes - Yes, these entries can be manually removed as though you had added them yourself.
  • Manually Added - Yes, if you manually added the email address to the GSL you will be able to remove them.

What else do I need to know about the GSL?

Subscribers or email addresses in the GSL do not count towards your  account limit. However, if a subscriber on the GSL is also actively  subscribed to one of your lists, they would still count towards your  account subscriber limit.