Viewing Subscribers

There are three ways to view subscribers in your account. They are as follows:

Finding an individual subscriber – To find an  individual subscriber easily, you can make use of the search bar on the  navigation bar from anywhere in your account.

Search bar

Simply enter the email address or a part of the email address that you would like to find.

Search bar used

Your results will appear and from there you can click on an  individual subscriber to enter their subscriber settings page and either  edit, unsubscribe, or delete that subscriber.

Viewing subscribers in the “Subscribers” section – To get to the “Subscribers” section simply click on the Subscribers area from the navigation bar.

Subscribers section

This will take you to the “Browse Subscribers” page

Browse subscribers section

From this page you can select the list the subscriber is on.

List name

Add rules to filter the subscribers in the same method used for creating segments.

Add rules

And once you are done with setting the rules of the filter, you can click the [Apply filter] button to see the results.

Apply filter

Using the “Browse subscribers” function within a list – you can also browse subscribers by navigating to the list they are  on, and clicking the “Subscriber Actions” >> “Browse Subscribers”  option, and you will be shown all the subscribers in the selected list.