What is an Acceptable Spam Complaint Rate?

As you may know, subscribers using many of the most popular web based  email services like Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL have an option available at  their fingertips to report messages they don't want in their  inbox.  This action is called a Spam Complaint. Whenever this button is  clicked by a user of one of these email services, our system is notified  of it and automatically unsubscribes them to avoid further complaints  in the future. To monitor potential issues, we regularly calculate the  number of complaints over the number of messages sent from each email  campaign in Total Send. In order to maintain the best deliverability  rate and ensure email marketing best practices are being used, sometimes  our support team will need to address these issues with customers.

What Is An Acceptable Rate?

At  any given point, your campaign's messages / complaints rate should  below 0.1% (one-tenth of one percent) at most. This equates to 1 spam  complaint per every 1000 emails sent to that email service.

What If My Campaign Goes Over That Limit?

The  deliverability of email messages is largely dependent on the reputation  of the sender, among other factors. If your complaint rate goes over  0.1% for any period of time, it may affect not only the deliverability  of your own messages, but also those of other Total Send users. If your  complaint rate exceeds 0.1% for any campaigns, your account may be  automatically disabled and you will be contacted by our support team to  discuss the rate, the reasons why it may be elevated, and what needs to  be done to get it back to the appropriate levels.