What not to do when creating your email

Don’t try to build it like it’s a web page

Using CSS  layouts that use external style sheets will make your email look  fantastic in your browser, but many popular email clients do not support  a lot of basic CSS tags. Sometimes something as simple as using a  background image in your layout might not work out if you send it  without testing.

Don’t assume that everyone looks at your message full screen on a large display.

Try  to keep in mind when you are building your campaign that not everyone  is viewing your email with their whole screen. Many people do not  actually “open” their emails and instead view them through the preview  pane. Ensure that your email displays well in the limitations of a  preview pane when testing it with your email clients.

Don’t write a novel

People  who own email addresses usually receive a lot of emails. You need to  make sure that your email is not a labour to read and that the contents  can be grasped by simply skimming over it briefly.

Don’t use video

Very  few email clients support the playback of video. If you want to provide  videos to your subscribers, the best method would be to place a link in  your email with a visually stimulating image. An animated gif file is  the safest method of video content to use. The reason for this is that  if the client does not support playback of animated gif files, it will  still display the first frame of the animation.

Don’t forget to Review

Even  though your browser, operating system and software all have spelling  and grammar checks, this does not make it 100% assured to be free of  mistakes and errors. Take the time to go through your content and iron  out any mistakes you may find. This goes a long way in preventing your  email from looking unprofessional.