Why aren’t my images showing?

The reasons why images may not be displaying are usually very simple to  fix. The following simple steps will help you to resolve most of the  common problems with images in your emails.

Ensure that the image you are uploading isn't too large.

If you uploaded a high resolution image and used html to scale it down,  it will retain the file size. Open the image in a basic image editor or  windows image previewer. It should remain the size you intend it to be.  If it is larger than it appears in your email, then use an image  editor’s scaling tool to make it smaller before uploading.

Most email clients block images by default.

The recipients of your campaign will need to select the option to “allow images to be displayed”. This cannot be avoided.

You will need to make sure that your images work in all internet browsers.

Depending on the image editing software that you saved the image from,  it may not display in IE. To ensure it works, open the file in paint and  save it again from paint.

When uploading images, make sure the images are uploaded to Total Send.

For an image to be displayed in an email it needs to be hosted either in Total Send’s media library or on your own server.